1. Deep Logic EP
    Cid Poitier

  2. Numbers, Words, Shadows EP

  3. Ghost Notes EP
    Out of Fuel

  4. Prints of You - The Remixes EP

  5. Afrique EP
    Cid Poitier

  6. Babylon Dem Remixes EP

  7. Separate Reality EP
    The Untouchables & Resound

  8. Flood EP
    CJ Weaver

  9. Bassment Beats Vol. 2 EP

  10. Chop Chop EP

  11. Passive Boycott EP
    Quentin Hiatus

  12. Other Forms EP
    Hidden Element

  13. Every 1 Needs a 0 EP

  14. Prints of You

  15. Bassment Beats EP Vol. 1
    Various Artists

  16. Simon Says EP
    Hidden Turn

  17. Re-Translation to Another Galaxy

  18. Paris Calling EP

  19. Zanj Rebellion EP
    Quentin Hiatus

  20. So Long EP

  21. Lifeforms EP
    Hidden Element & Liquid Break

  22. Biomechanics / Monoscope
    Minor Rain

  23. Dem All Pirates EP
    The Untouchables

  24. Martial Manners EP
    Mindmapper & Fre4knc

  25. Games / Let Me Show You
    Nature Rage

  26. Anaconda EP
    Codeshaper & Dayni

  27. Universal Grooves LP
    Various Artists

  28. Creator EP
    Various Artists

  29. Nuage Collaborations & Remixes EP
    Various Artists

  30. I Dubbed the Sheriff EP

  31. Not Your Fool EP
    Various Artists

  32. When Our World Jaded (Seba Remix) / Hooked (Survival Remix)
    Various Artists

  33. Dream Box EP
    Nuage, THRN

  34. Dark Day's Night / Troubled Soul
    Jaybee, DBR (UK)

  35. Different Places / Nothing Certain

  36. Polymol / Tonedab
    Johnny Beverton

  37. Solstice EP

  38. Without Borders LP
    Various Artists

  39. Positiva / Narcotech
    Various Artists

  40. Denile / A Chain of Red
    Various Artists

  41. Indigo Haze / When Our World Jaded
    D. Intelligent, Furi Anga

  42. Imagine / A Number Less Than Six

  43. DSP / Secrets (Sabre Remix)
    Resound, Sabre

  44. Cosmic Sky / Hooked
    Slider & Expose

  45. Cultigen / Protest Songs

  46. 4 Rooms EP
    Various Artists

  47. Perception / Rascal

  48. Atlantic Breeze / Sunrise

  49. Sounds of the City / Greedy Faces
    Resound, ASC


Translation Recordings Washington

Translation Recordings is a Washington, DC-based label devoted to showcasing the diverse sounds of the jungle/drum & bass spectrum, dub, and bass-driven electronic dance music. Translation operates without borders, in creative partnership with artists across globe to push forward-thinking vibes that strike the right chord in club-goers and home listeners alike. ... more

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